Vulcan Hand Dryer

Vulcan Hand Dryer

Contemporary design and quality 

The Vulcan Hand Dryer is both beautiful to look at and solidly constructed to ensure reliable use at all times. With three different contemporary finishes to choose from, the dryer comes in brushed stainless steel, white enamel powder coating or black powder coating, along with a state of the art V shape dual blade dryer which forces air away from the user at continual high speed.

Robust and reliable

Designed for high usage washrooms, the Vulcan Hand Dryer combines impressive power with high precision usage, forcing air straight down from the twin blade that create a streamlined airflow. The HEPA filter ensures that airborne microbes such as mould, germs and bacteria are destroyed quickly, to ensure skin is left hygienically clean after each use. This is the perfect drying for washrooms in sports stadiums, concert venues, healthcare facilities, railway stations, airports, hospitals and education centres.

Hard working and adaptable 

With adjustable heating elements and power controls, the Vulcan is a user-friendly and dependable machine that can run at lower settings to save running costs while still providing exceptional drying performance without fail. With an efficient drying speed of just 8 10 seconds, this hand dryer is also pleasingly quiet at just under 75 decibels.

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Condition New
Weight 5.4kg