Shadow Pendant Hanging Patio Heater

Shadow Pendant Hanging Patio Heater

The new Shadow Pendant Hanging Patio Heater from Heat Outdoors is the ideal heater for anywhere that would benefit from heat directly above, such as a restaurant or pub table, gazebo, conservatory or similar. The powerful 2kW lamp in the unit is backed up by a large reflector that will send powerful infrared heat down towards the objects below. Using medium wave infrared heat allows the unit to heat just the objects below and not the air, meaning that should the unit be in an open air environment the benefit will still be felt by the user and the heat won't simply be blown away. 

The Shadow Pendant Hanging Patio Heater has 2 options for the unit to be placed in situ, either by using the hanging chains or by using the telescopic pole that has 3 different height settings for the user to choose depending on the original hanging height.

Performance Features

  • Variable heat control from the included remote handset
  • Inbuilt Bluetooth timer option
  • Long life exclusive Ultra Low Glare infrared lamp with 5,000 to 7,000 hours life.
  • Equipped with 1.5m of electrical cable and moulded 13 Amp plug
  • Scientifically designed double parabolic reflector for massive efficiency and power
  • Safety guard
  • Heater body in solid silver anodised aluminium
  • If mounted facing straight down, these heater need to be in a well ventilated area and at least 0.5M away from any ceiling or other obstructions to the airflow above them.  This is especially relevant to heaters that are suspended on chains and wires.

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Condition New
Weight 5.7kg