Professional Equestrian Pack (E) 6kW of Ultra Low Glare Heat + Remote Contol Pack

Professional Equestrian Pack (E) 6kW of Ultra Low Glare Heat + Remote Contol Pack

Chillchaser is delighted to offer the latest innovation in Equestrian infrared heating. The Shadow Ultra Low Glare heater range uses the latest infrared technology to produce a very cost effective, safe and kinder to your horses or ponies eyes method of drying and heating.

2 x 3kW Shadow Ultra Low Glare heaters are the perfect solution providing a full 6kW of instant heat.

This package includes:

2 x Shadow 3kW Ultra Low Glare Heaters - Black or Silver available

Ultra Low Glare – The safest heating experience. Beautifully designed and built by our own design and engineering team, this exclusive range of high end heaters not only add heat your horse, pony or pet but add r outdoor area, but also a distinct warm ambiance without glaring bright lamps. Rated as one of the most waterproof heaters in the market – IP65, the Shadow Patio Heater can be used in absolutely any weather conditions in complete safety. 3.0kW is the perfect size for larger stables.  Supplied with both wall mounting and hanging fixings.

Technical Data

  • Voltage (V) - 230V
  • Weight (Kg) - 2.5Kg each
  • Dimensions (cm) W x H X D - 105 x 10 x 14.5cm
  • Total Power (kW) - 2.8kW each
  • Ingress Protection - IP65
  • Warranty - 2 years (Excl lamps)

1 x Remote handset

Infrared handset to control above variable heat controller

Heat Outdoors Variable Heat Controller with Softstart - Max 6.0kW
The Heater controller is IP65 rated for full outdoor use and features a 1 to 10 step setting allowing you to find the optimum heat comfort at the press of a button or by remote control. An optional remote control allows for the unit to be fitted out of the way so safety is paramount. The Infresco heater controller also has a built in soft start function which can addup to an additional 30% life to your heater lamp as well as preventing sensitive fuses tripping when heaters are switched on. Other additions to the system can be heat sensors to prevent the unit from operating the patio heaters when the ambient air temperature is already high enough and passive infrared motion sensors which, when combined, have a massive cost saving effect on your stable heaters energy consumption.

Technical Data

  • Soft Start – up to 30% extended life of Lamp and surge protection.
  • Variable Control – Ability to find comfort level
  • Simple Installation 
  • Energy Saving – Automated system. (Only heat when required)
  • Temperature Monitoring – If ambient temperature is above preset the Infresco unit remains switched off (requires extra temperature sensor)
  • IP 65 Fully waterproof usage
  • Weight - 2.5kg
  • Dimensions - W x H x D - 280 x 170 x 80mm
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