Parasol Heaters

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  • ShadowPlus Remote Parasol & Pole Infrared Heater

    ShadowPlus Remote Parasol & Pole Infrared Heater

    1. Fully Remote Controlled 2. Easifit™ clamp to safely fit to outdoor parasol poles (30mm-50mm) in seconds. 3. 3 x 1000w UltraLowGlare Heating tubes 4. IP65 – All Weatherproof 5. Soft-start function which protects the circuit and tubes from surges 6. Made from lightweight aluminium 7. Dynamic three-way remote control allowing each head to be switched on/off individually. 8. Stylish aluminium construction which makes the heater ideal for either commercial or residential outdoor use. 9. From beer garden to al fresco patio dining at home, the Shadow Parasol Heater is the perfect choice to easily combine an existing parasol with an advanced energy efficient way of raising the temperature to make more use of any outdoor space.