Kangarillo 2 White ECO Hand Dryer (1126W)

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Kangarillo 2 White ECO Hand Dryer (1126W)

NEW White Kangarillo 2 Hand Dryer - Add Product Code (1126W) 

The all new White Kangarillo 2 Hand Dryer is a worthy successor to the market leading original Kangarillo Hand Dryer.

Now with an upgraded motor and heating element, the Kangarillo 2 is the 1st ECO dryer on the market that actually senses the ambient air temperature and adjust the air heaters power accordingly. This provides a massive saving in electricity costs without you even being aware or having to do anything yourself. This combination of benefits reduces the running costs by so much that in most normal circumstances the units will pay for themselves in under 1 year - now that's incredible!

The NEW Kangarillo 2 hand dryer cover is machined from a top grade Steel coated in a durable enamel finish. In addition, this device dries hands in the amazing 8-12 seconds.

In conclusion, the Kangarillo 2 hand dryer is an ultra fast hand dryer featuring a small wall 'footprint', contemporary design and offering exceptional hand drying performances whilst saving energy.


Takes from 8 to 10 seconds to dry.
110 metres/second (245 miles per hour).
The uniqueness of this hand dryer comes from the specially designed sensors for detecting the ambient air temperature. This helps the dryer to adjust the air heaters power accordingly and provide you with the lowest energy usage compared to its competitors.
Wall mounting slimline design with 3 point fixing system (template included).

What truly makes them different is the new design and latest technology e.g. intellipure and steripure features will not only sterilise your hands, but all the surfaces in your toilet every time you dry your hands. MD Eddie Middleton

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