Crocodillo T2 Hand Dryer - Silver (1213S)

Crocodillo T2 Hand Dryer - Silver (1213S)

Snappy stylish design, switchable heating element, and unique water collection tray make this one of the most high performance hand dryers available on the to purchase.

The Crocodillo T2 hand dryer, is the ultra-fast hand drying system. Working on the same principle as the latest blade style hand dryers, the Crocodillo T2 literally scrapes the water off of your hands with an ultra fast blade of air. Ideal for any environment, work or home.

Recent major advances in hand dryer technology have given much more emphasis on high velocity air flow, minimising hand drying times and massively lowering energy consumption. This combination of benefits reduces the running costs by so much that in most normal circumstances the units will pay for themselves in under 1 year - now that's incredible!

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Condition New
Weight 4.5kg