Bespoke Units - Out of Stock until further notice

An economical breakthrough in garden, patio and conservatory heating!
Warms YOU up on those cool evenings in the garden without wasting energy heating the air! With no heavy, expensive or fiddly gas cylinders to worry about, and with running costs at around 10% of a typical gas heater for the same heat output, you needn't be left out in the cold again! 
- Never runs out of gas 
- Low running costs - around 10% of gas 
- Clean and efficient 
- 3kW Power (equivalent to 13kW Gas Heater) 
- 2 Patented Carbon Fibre Heating Tubes, 10, 000 hours of heat with an Ultra Low Glare visible red/orange glow 
- Complete with 5m Cable, fully approved to EAN standards and IPX5 
- Aluminium Casing and SS Fittings 
- Easy to assemble - takes just 2 minutes
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