Armadillo Hand Dryer Stainless Steel (1004)

Add Product Code (1004)The Armadillo Hand Dryer is a dynamic pioneering eco hand dryer providing a tornado of fast flowing air to dry wet hands within 10 seconds. In addition, it is so tough its almost bullet proof!
Armadillo Hand Dryer Stainless Steel (1004)

THE Armadillo Hand Dryer - Add Product Code (1004)

The Armadillo Hand Dryer is so tough it’s almost bullet proof! The sturdy stainless steel cover makes the Armadillo Hand Dryer the most vandal proof hand dryer on the market today. Yet, it has a unique design that offers a sense of style and quality. Installed in a restaurant or bar, a school, service station or hospital, the Armadillo really does provide function and form combined with superb craftsmanship.
This Add Product is a dynamic pioneering eco hand dryer providing a tornado of fast flowing air to dry wet hands within 10 seconds. Everything about the Armadillo is bold and impressive; the nozzle emits a massive force of warm air for instant results in a high volume washroom use.

The Armadillo hand dryer is the ultimate ultra-fast wall hand drying unit on the market today.
Recent major advances in hand dryer technology have placed more emphasis on high velocity air flow, minimising hand drying times and massively lowering energy consumption. This combination of benefits reduces the running cost significantly and in most cases will have paid for itself within a year. Isn’t it incredible!

The NEW Armadillo hand dryer is an ultra fast hand dryer featuring a small wall 'footprint', contemporary design and offering exceptional ultra fast hand drying performances whilst saving energy.

  • The high-speed vacuum motor saves energy using only 1800 watts of power. The shorter drying time combined with lower power consumption saves money and massively reduces the carbon footprint. A conventional hand dryer uses about 2400W and takes 30-40 seconds to dry hands.

  • The Armadillo hand dryer detects hands from different directions simultaneously. This means it always works when needed.
  • The exterior is made from high grade and durable powder coated cast steel which is also both incredibly strong and highly vandal resistant. It protects you and your property from damage and repair costs.
  • The Armadillo keeps energy consumption to a minimum.
  • The reduced noise level makes the unit more enjoyable to use and less intrusive.
  • Throw out those paper towels. Paper towels are wasteful, expensive and poor for the environment whilst creating waste to litter your washroom.
Stephen Levy
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