Antillo Hand Dryer

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Antillo Hand Dryer

The Antillo Hand Dryer is the latest model that is specifically designed from the ground up for washrooms where wall space is at a premium. Stylish in looks, eco friendly but still delivering the same high power drying you would come to expect from a Handy Dryers machine, the Antillo really will look the part in any washroom and gives a classy finish that will leave a lasting impression on any of your visitors. The Antillo Hand Dryer uses just half the power of most standard hand dryers but delivers an impressive 68m/s air speed output, providing a super fast hand drying time. 

The unique coloured stainless steel means that the colour of both silver units is naturally applied to the metal, so no paint is involved and gives the units an easy clean finish requiring just a soft cloth to maintain the beautiful polished finished.

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Weight 3kg