AirBOX V Hand Dryer

AirBOX V Hand Dryer

The AIRBOX V Hand Dryer is a sister Add Product to the new pioneering AirBox H hand dryer that features the same ultra small footprint so it will fit in to almost all spaces it could be needed. The small size doesn't effect the quality of the drying unit though, still featuring ultra fast dry times thanks to the advanced airflow technology featured inside the unit. Even though the unit features a fantastic low price the quality of components used inside The AIRBOX V ensure the unit runs effortlessly and offers the reliability that users expect from our machines.

Thanks to the powerful motor inside The AIRBOX V you will benefit from lower energy consumption and minimised drying times. These factors combined result in massively reduced energy costs and less time spent in the bathroom for users.

The machine also features a UV lamp that chemically cleans the inside of the unit to reduce any build up of bacteria and mould, making the unit easy to clean and maintain.

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Condition New
Weight 3kg