AirBox H Hand Dryer

AirBox H Hand Dryer

Stylish and Quiet – The Perfect Solution For Smaller Spaces

Brushed stainless steel or enamel powder coated white, the AirBOX H simply adds to the sophisticated look and high quality feel of this superbly compact hand dryer, which can fit elegantly into almost any space. With a brushed motor and noise output of just 70 – 73 decibels, it is also a wonderful quiet machine that dries hands quickly and efficiently every time in just 12 seconds per use.

Pioneering with advanced airflow technology

Advanced airflow technology featured inside this beautiful hand dryer provides pioneering quality hand drying in ultra-fast time. The quality of the components used inside the AirBOX H ensures that the machine runs effortlessly while offering the reliability expected of such a durable but effective unit. UV diodes inside will clean the HEPA filter to reduce the build-up of any germs, bacteria and mould, ensuring it is always easy to clean and keep well looked after, while also extending the life of this dryer and cut down on potential maintenance costs. The two-year warranty also provides peace of mind.

Small but both powerful and economical

The practical size and solid durability combined with the powerful drying abilities of the AirBOX H mean that this is the perfect solution for smaller washrooms where customers need to utilise space while still enjoying an effective drying experience. Easy to install and sized at just 260 x 180 x 152mm, this is the ultimate choice for businesses, bars, restaurants, smaller office spaces, healthcare centres, gyms and anywhere with customers who want a hygienic dryer where there isn’t always room for larger machines. Running at around 1150W including a heating element of between 650W, not only is the AirBOX H small but perfectly formed, it is also extremely efficient and economical to run thanks to the lower energy consumption and minimised drying times.

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