1-2m Adjustable Heater RB Stand (901205)

1-2m Adjustable Heater RB Stand (901205)

Round Base Heater Stand

The perfect mobile base to mount almost any wall standing heater on and create a free standing unit to suit any mood or occasion. The weighted base ensures the unit is stable whilst preventing it from becoming a trip hazard as tripod stands can be. The extendable telescopic pole also allows versatility and acts as a variable heat controller by allowing you to control the height of the unit and thus the amount of warmth felt

Features & Technical Data

  • Adjustable in height: 107 - 200cm
  • Total Power (kW) - 1.5kW
  • Ingress Protection - IP65
  • Warranty - 2 years
  • Heavy base suitable for almost any surface
  • Stand Weight: 6kg
  • Scratch proof body in black powder coat and stainless steel
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Condition New
Weight 6kg